Sep 28, 2009

Tweeting--gone wild?!

According to Drew Sharp, twittering has gone to the "vile frontier." Profanities and insults have infiltrated the sports arena. Poisonous tweets are flying back and forth along with the perfunctory apologies. As Sharp states, it sets up a "contentious climate throughout sports." What do you think? Have any stories to share?

Why go there? Again, I say to you, watch what you write no matter the medium. It just comes back to bite you. Want to know more? We're doing a webinar on twitter next week. Come join the conversation!


Mike Consol said...


The whole 140-character medium that is Twitter butchers the language with one horrid abbreviation piled atop another. The farther we stray from the integrity of the language the more people fall victim to a lack of propriety. Broken rules of the language leads to broken rules of etiquette.

There has been a coarsening of our language that doesn't bode well for human civility.

Blaine Millet said...


I would have to agree and disagree with your comments. I agree that twitter is changing the way we communicate - forever. I would also agree that the way some are using it is indeed abusive.

What I don't agree with is that it "butchers the language". Twitter is all about getting someone's attention and directing them to the conversation where someone can have a discussion in paragraphs, much like we are doing here. It is not intended as a formal communication vehicle, just a way to get attention, share an immediate (real-time) comment or direct someone to the dialog.

Twitter will change the world as we know it - personal and business. It is about speed, attention and direction. Once people understand its power, it becomes far more "tolerable" to those who are still stuck in the world of paragraphs and pages.


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