Oct 4, 2009

Ranters with an electronic mic

While Peggy Noonan's comments in the WSJ discuss William Safire's legacy, the bigger question she raises, as did Drew Sharp (See last week's post), is who is going to step up and say, "Enough already!"?

The current written rantings posted on blogs, tweets or Facebook expose a lack of responsibility and civility. No thought to the consequences. The belief that "I am entitled to express myself" permeates the airwaves. This translates into trouble in the workplace. We see it everyday--folks getting themselves in big trouble when they don't consider what they're writing and to whom. Sigh.

With budgets stretched, companies can't afford to have us come to them to discuss this issue. So we're reaching out to business professionals to engage in this conversation. We believe the content of our webinars is the first line of defense in establishing civil discourse.


Mike Consol said...


On such matters I side with Voltaire who said: “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

Those who rant tend to believe they have the answers to the big questions of the day. Wisdom comes from living long enough to have more questions than answers.

Dr. Julie Miller said...

Absolutely right on! Today, another article on civil discourse: "Who Keeps a Civil Tongue?" written by Ann Gerhart of The Washington Post.

james said...

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