Nov 11, 2009

Reduce Your Costs While You Develop Your Employees

Any of you on my mailing list know that I am promoting my webinars—those one-hour content-rich sessions—focusing on all things business writing. Webinars, as a learning vehicle, have some nifty plusses to them. You can reach wide and deep within the organization, it’s only a short time commitment, and usually contains great information at a reasonable price. All good things. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, what do you do after the session to retain the content?

Here are some ideas for you to consider:
1. Hold the webinar is one room. Everyone gathers there. This way camaraderie is created around learning

2. Have a buddy system—partner up to see if the content learned is translating into work product.

3. Bring up the webinar topics at meetings. This will serve as a reminder of information learned.


Anonymous said...

1. Hold the seminar "in" one room. (oops...wrong word)

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