Dec 2, 2009

Cost of poor writing blows me away

I am continually blown away at the cost of poor writing! Case in point: We are working with a very large school district in the mid-West. The group we’re working with is in charge of creating school site-visit reports. They have asked us to come in and help them reduce the time it takes to write these horrendous things, AND to increase the effectiveness of their words. Since the docs go all the way up the chain-of-command, it’s really, really important that they are well written.

So get this—they currently have two layers of writers: the original writer and then the person that rewrites the original writer’s words. AND, now they have hired a third layer of writers—these folks will review the other two writers' writing. Think of the cost! Consider: They have 20 site supervisors, 10 underlings who do the rewriting and now 5 more folks as editors.

What more can I say?!


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Julie Miller said...

Thank you for your comments. I am eager to hear what you find the most challenging with your writing. Share away!

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