May 20, 2009

Blogging: The New Frontier

If you're one of those considering a blog, check out this great article I found by Aaron Uhrmacher:

Plus, here are a some blogging tips I've learned (the hard way):
1. Develop a blog “persona” and stick to it!

2. Make certain your content is valuable and interesting.
3. Demonstrate expertise. Become a content expert.

4. Add links--don't make your reader "look it up."
5. Watch the self-promotion--it's a turn off.

As I learn, I will gladly share.


May 12, 2009

Words Count!

Crazed trying to keep up with the daily word barrage? Speed--not thought--has become the standard, but keep in mind your words live forever and can even land you in hot legal water. I just read a story on CNN that stunned me. In a lawsuit over the diet drug Phen-Fen, some pretty embarrassing emails sent by the Plaintiff were uncovered. One executive’s email read, "Do I have to look forward to spending my waning years writing checks to fat people worried about a silly lung problem?" Need I say more?

Four things to keep in mind when it comes to email:
1. Your emails are never private.
2. Emails are formal business records.
3. Emails last forever.
4. Emails reflect our lack of time--speed does not work in our favor.


May 6, 2009

About Me

Welcome to my Wise Words blog!

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