Oct 12, 2009

Collaboration: Joining forces for success

Collaboration. Synonyms: teamwork, partnership, group effort, relationship, cooperation.

Can’t think of a better way to go then joining forces with like-minded businesses. Businesses with a strong ethical core, a belief in serving the customer first, and drive to deliver the highest quality products and services, day in and day out.

We teamed up with Evantec at the ASTD conference. Evantec mirrors our standards with their products and services. Here’s a picture of the three of us: Me, Lauren and Brian Olson from Evantec setting up the booth.

The other cool thing about going to an ASTD conference is there is something to getting out of the office, rubbing elbows with others who are trying to deliver training programs to their employees, and learning new technologies, new ways of thinking and doing. For me, it’s just another venue for me to see how I can better serve my clients.

And the envelope, please!

The spirit of generosity not scarcity was never more in evidence than at the Nellie Cashman Award dinner. Everybody was networking like crazy, passing out business cards, setting appointments, and cheering each other on. Anne-Marie Faiola won this year. She’s the owner/founder of BrambleBerry.

As last year’s winner of the WBO Excellence Award, I announced the winner. I walked to podium, made a few clever comments, and asked for “the envelope, please.” Oooppps—no envelope! And I had really practiced that phrase. It was hilarious as people searched for the envelope! And , I had no good joke up my sleeve.

This is a picture of Fernando Hernandez, Director of Supplier Diversity at Microsoft and me. Thank you Microsoft for hosting a table!

Oct 4, 2009

Ranters with an electronic mic

While Peggy Noonan's comments in the WSJ discuss William Safire's legacy, the bigger question she raises, as did Drew Sharp (See last week's post), is who is going to step up and say, "Enough already!"?

The current written rantings posted on blogs, tweets or Facebook expose a lack of responsibility and civility. No thought to the consequences. The belief that "I am entitled to express myself" permeates the airwaves. This translates into trouble in the workplace. We see it everyday--folks getting themselves in big trouble when they don't consider what they're writing and to whom. Sigh.

With budgets stretched, companies can't afford to have us come to them to discuss this issue. So we're reaching out to business professionals to engage in this conversation. We believe the content of our webinars is the first line of defense in establishing civil discourse.