Jan 28, 2010

Death by PowerPoint

I was at our state's capitol this week learning about the ins and outs of my role as a community college trustee. Let me tell you--though the information was terrific, the PowerPoint slides made me weep. Volumious paragraphs, tiny numbers on graphs and charts, twenty lines of text, long sentences, no graphics, and boring headers. Need I say more?

Do presenters really think people can read their content and understand? And, at a 100 feet!? Susan Stoen is the guru of PowerPoint. Take a gander at her interesting article on this subject on my Resources tab on our website.
She is also doing a webinar for us in February.

She can help you land the sale or promotion, persuade the powers-that-be to your point of view, or prevent people from nodding off during your presentation. Good luck!


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