Jan 28, 2010

Death by PowerPoint

I was at our state's capitol this week learning about the ins and outs of my role as a community college trustee. Let me tell you--though the information was terrific, the PowerPoint slides made me weep. Volumious paragraphs, tiny numbers on graphs and charts, twenty lines of text, long sentences, no graphics, and boring headers. Need I say more?

Do presenters really think people can read their content and understand? And, at a 100 feet!? Susan Stoen is the guru of PowerPoint. Take a gander at her interesting article on this subject on my Resources tab on our website.
She is also doing a webinar for us in February.

She can help you land the sale or promotion, persuade the powers-that-be to your point of view, or prevent people from nodding off during your presentation. Good luck!

Jan 13, 2010

The Perfect Storm

I’ve written about Teresa Romaneschi before (See my July posting). Teresa is one of our writing coaches who works exclusively with non-native English speakers.

Teresa alerted me to this website (Hint: Start at 6:00 of the report.).  The video presentation is stunning as it outlines the shifting demographics in our workplace. The economic repercussions nationally and globally is startling. One factoid: Over half of our future population will come from immigration.

Assisting your high potential employees to achieve success is an imperative. Check out Teresa’s webinar for us next week on this topic. Once you're at the calendar, click on January 20 to register.

Jan 8, 2010

Jargon, schmargon

I think you will get a kick out of a Letter to the Editor in this week's Forbes magazine. Writer Christopher Steiner put all the most common ones together in a hilarious paragraph. Here is a sampling: "That, of course, limits everyone's bandwidth when the troops really just want to drink from the high-level fire hose while the cement is still wet and the competition is still in the weeds."

Jan 2, 2010

Word Count! Redux

Words Count!
It seems that words do count! Several articles this past month caught my eye. You might enjoy reading them as well. Online bullying has gone to a new level. Facebook postings prompted three middle school students to be arrested. In the financial world the Vanguard Group did, according to a Seattle Times article, the “dumbest boo boo of the year”  by printing the wrong ticker symbol in a prospectus.

Last, an Associated Press article listed the 2009 words and phrases that should be banished. “Shovel ready” was at the top of the list as was “czar,” “sexting,” “tweet,” and “teachable moment.” Thirty-five words in all. Do you have any to add to the list?