Feb 16, 2010

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar

In Sharon Nichols’ book, I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar, she has hilarious examples of poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage. Here’s a cute one—a sign stated “Driveway No Parking Aloud.” Do you love it?! How “loud” would that parking be?

Examples of poor punctuation abound. Here’s sign for you: “Don’t t Drink and Drive.” Or how about this one: “Business,s open as usual.” Don’t you want to scream?!
But, this sign takes the cake: “Village of Crestwood: English is our language. No excetions; learn it.” Sigh. Send me some examples; I would love to post them!

Feb 11, 2010

Does your business ban social media?

# You might enjoy this video clip (click on #) on social media. A brief look at pros and cons of using this tool at work.

Feb 10, 2010

All aTwitter!

Quick: What do these three people have in common? The Pope, Bill Gates, and Oprah! Answer: They all use Twitter.

I have written before (See 9/28/09) about this interesting social media tool. Some say the jury is still out as to whether Twitter is a fad or really a new way of communicating. We have all observed how remarkable events have unfolded with this device. The earthquake in Haiti is just one example. An educational forum in Colorado is another.

I use it to send weekly writing tips: TWIPS. I do think a discussion with your team is crucial in determining how you will utilize it. Marketing? Selling? Advice? Factoids? News? Education?
Ragan.com had an interesting article on twitter you might enjoy. Titled: Twitter’s 10 Commandments by John Saddington.
So, how are you using Twitter as part of your business practices?