Nov 2, 2011

Power Zero Sentences Catch A Reader's Attention

Unless you are creating a technical report, most documents you write will contain Power Zero sentences. Sales letters, marketing brochures, Web sites, executive summaries, annual reports-all these need beginnings that hook your audience immediately.
Power Zero sentences can:
  • open a document with a bang, create interest, and hint at what's coming
  • be used to greet or thank your reader
  • provide necessary background before you launch into your main points
Experiment with different kinds of Power Zero sentences. For example, you could start your document with an intriguing question, a startling statistic, an illustration, a quote or anecdote. Take a look at the Wall Street Journal's editorial page to see Power Zero sentences at work. Usually you'll find a paragraph or two of background information on the topic or a quick personal story that grabs your attention. Once you're hooked, they outline their opinion.

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