Apr 10, 2012

Get Unstuck, Do a Little Dance: Writing Tips to Hit Your Stride

Do you spend time circling your computer in hopes of getting your creative juices flowing? What? Is that a sheepish "yes" I hear? Well circle no more! Know you're not alone. We all do it at one time or another. But... good news! You can cut this process off at the pass, and here are some ways to do it:
  1. Idea Mapping! This quick and easy process will get your ideas down on paper and unleash the creative process so that, before you know it, you'll have a solid draft to prance around your office.
  2. Muffle your Editor! Give yourself permission to write without editing. You can edit later after you unpack all those wonderful little gems in your head that you didn't know were there.
  3. Break the Rules! I'm giving you permission to break a rule when the rule does not serve you. Certainly grammar is important, but the English language is fluid. So are the rules. Just use your common sense.
  4. Set a Timer! If you're struggling with where to start, set your timer at 15 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. You just may find that when the timer goes off, you'll be in your zone and loving it!
  5. Move your Body! Research shows that sitting stifles energy. Get up from your computer every 20 minutes and stretch your legs.

Try these 5 steps, and before you know it, you'll be dancing around your computer because you've hit your writing stride!